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Taking place on 15th and 16th of October 2014 at the Hotel Novotel Nice Centre.

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Conference Day One- 15th October 2014




0830    Introduction Workshop to the Food Contact Regulations in Europe, including the basic principles of the EU1935/2004, EU10/2011 and migration testing, and  a quick view on non-plastic materials

  • A basic level workshop for newcomers to food contact materials
  • Also serves as an update for those already in the industry

Jürgen Towara, Senior Food Contact ExpertIntertek
Nadine Thomis, Business Consultant Regulatory Services, Intertek 
Sandra Havlicek, Lab Manager Food Contact Materials, Intertek






Naeem Mady, Vice President- Regulatory Service, Intertek 



1030    A general update on European food contact regulations


1100    Nestlé packaging safety and compliance initiative

This initiative, in which vendors are strongly involved, is applied worldwide by Nestlé Markets. The main steps are:

  • Safety and Compliance assessment of vendors
  • Agreement on technical requirements ( Vade mecum for vendors and technical specification)
  • Declaration of Compliance (Regulatory and Composition)
  • Risk assessment and surveillance activities

Gabriela Leszczyk, NQAC EUR Packaging Safety Expert, Nestlé Quality Assurance Centre, Europe



1130    Latest developments in European plastic regulations for food contact materials

Francoise Godts, Manager Food Contact EMEA, DuPont Coordination Center & Representative, Plastics Europe



1200    Questions and answers session





1330    NIAS - experience with use of FACET model

Catherine Simoneau, Competence Area Leader at European CommissionJoint Research Centre of the EU commission Services



1400    The role of GMP and compliance certification

Jürgen Towara, Senior Food Contact ExpertIntertek


1430    How to prove food contact compliance for adhesives?  A view from the industry

  • Which regulatory requirements are valid for food contact adhesives?
  • Necessary steps for the risk assessment of a food contact adhesive within the supply chain
  • Evaluation of the adhesive quality with regard to food contact

Monika Tönnießen, ARP-PSS Product Safety Industrial Packaging Adhesives EMEAHenkel

  1500  Question and answer session




1600    Food Contact in industrial machinery: how to deal with regulations
Admira Mesic, Global Expert Advisor - Hygienic Regulations and Design, Tetra Pak


1630    Approaches for printing ink compliances

Packaging plays an important role to ensure the safe transport of food from production via points-of-sale to the consumer. Packaging printing is instrumental to convey necessary product and marketing information to the consumer. Following (inter-) national legal demands, specific guidelines of food manufacturers and consumers' expectations, the chemistry of printing inks and coatings has entirely changed in the past 10 years. Dr. Bernhard Fritz explains how latest generation printing inks can contribute to product safety. He appeals to intensify communication among all stakeholders to develop a common understanding and to avoid brand damage.

Bernard Fritz, Product Manager, Sun Chemical



1700     Food contact substances and chemicals of concern

  • 175 chemicals with known hazardous properties are compliant and therefore legally used in the production of food contact materials in EU and US
  • List of chemicals was identified by comparing inventories of food contact substances with expert-compiled lists of hazardous chemicals
  • Known or suspected endocrine disrupting chemicals and other substances that fulfill the REACH criteria for substances of very high concern are listed
  • Consumers do not expect hazardous chemicals to be present in food packaging, especially if they are already restricted for use in other consumer products

Eva Manova, Food Packaging Forum



1730    Questions and answers session




Naeem Mady, Vice President- Regulatory Service, Intertek 


Conference Day Two- 16th October 2014




0900    Chairman's welcome back

Jürgen Towara, Senior Food Contact ExpertIntertek





Enforcement of EU Regulations  and actions on analytical methods

  • EU Control Regulation and obligations
  • CEN and methods of analysis
  • Joint Research Center (EURL-JRC) and Food Veterinary Office (FVO)
  • Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)

Luigi Rossi, Independent Consultant 



0930   View from the food industry

Jan Duffhues, Print Development Manager - Commercial Europe, Mars Netherlands


1000    Questions and answers session





1100    Link between the FCMs and Biocides legislative framework – Industry’s views

  • Scope and overlap -BPR vs FCM legislation
  • Product Types relevant for FCMs applications
  • Type of active substances used in FCMs and their restrictions
  • Amending the current FCM-related legislation & Transitional considerations
Miguel Angel Prieto Arranz, FCA- Secretary General, The European Chemical Industry Council - CEFIC


1130   The growing interest in the activities of the council of Europe today: the example of the new resolution of the Council of Europe

  • The council of Europe
  • Metals and alloys : the new concepts and significant differences versus plastics
  • SRL vs SML, new simulant, new repeated use approach, measurement of utensils
  • Database of CoE known FCM substances

Fabien Bolle, Head of Unit for FCM, Scientific Institute of Public Health Belgium


1200    Non-plastic food contact materials: an update on the most important regulations and guidelines

  • Background
  • Main current legislations, guidance and key concepts
  • Recent developments and trends

Cécile Saint-Gérard, EMEA Regulatory Manager, The Dow Chemical Company



1230    Questions and answers session



13.00     LUNCH BREAK



1400     Progress of food contact material regulations in China

  • Current framework of food contact materials standards in China
  • Integration of food contact materials standard in China
  • Progress of revision of GB 9685
  • Progress of other standards, including "General manufacturing practice of food contact materials", "Principle of migration test"
Zhu Lei, Associate professor, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment


1430    Compliance approach for the updated Chinese Regulations

  • Understanding the complexity of Chinese food contact regulations and regulatory changes
  • How to comply with Chinese regulations
  • Supply chain’s responsibilities
Huqui Zhang, Intertek


1500    Updates on the FDA regulations

  • FDA Compliance Paths:  21 CFR, FCN, TOR
  • FCN Process
  • Supply Chain Considerations
Kevin C. Kenny, Chief Operating Officer, Decernis


1530     Questions and answers session



Jürgen Towara, Senior Food Contact Expert, Intertek




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